La imagen puede contener: 1 persona, de pie y exterior

A brief summary…

Over several weeks in a cluster of Reserves, ICORP spec reaction unit and K9 started becoming a disruptive force on this landscape.The first Reserve that was being plundered by poaching gangs. These groups soon realised that our units were experienced and well organised. Four sets of tracks that were often there, quickly disappeared and the area became very quiet.

We were then requested to work on Reserve 2 and hundreds of snares were lifted. Snares were discontinued to be set. On Reserves 3, ICORP units quickly discovered the four tracks that they had seen on Reserve 1. These criminals were operating with impunity and were very arrogant about their poaching operations.

On going OP’s (observation posts) and listening posts were put in place. On gathering credible information on exit and entry points, checking camera traps, checking known poaching paths, two senior members did a recce into a suspicious area, and confirmed the movement of 4 suspects. 1 April 2020, our ICORP spec force were deployed and at 6 pm all four suspects were arrested with all poaching paraphernalia, and phones were confiscated in a successfully planned and executed ambush.

They were clearly heard communicating in english, which means our kingpins are of caucasian descent. This is the beginning of a great end of week, and more arrests will made over the next couple of days. We stand in salute to these Heros, who don’t wear capes..risking their lives, and committed to making sure that wildlife is secure and protected during this time.

Thank you for your leadership.

Marc Mcdonald

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