ICORP protecting wildlife during Covid 19

Help us support our ICORP Unit Rangers during this time of need.

Every day, our committed Rangers work as an essentail services organization to support the wildlife and  community we serve. Now, they need your help. Our organization is committed to ensuring that our Rangers are able to maintain a proffesional Counter Poaching operation, stability with in the region and must able to maintain the effectiveness of the operations during this civid 19 crises. ICORP is a not for profit that has been serverly impacted on by the Covid 19 pandemic.

We kindly ask that you join us in supporting our dedicated Rangers . Your gift will help provide immediate financial support so ICORP to purchase essential food, medical needs, fuels, K9 food supplimnets for Karma, updated equipment and other supplies. Help keep our ICORP Ranger unit safe and well prepared against the onslought of poaching criminal elements, so they can in turn remain the disruptive force in wildlife protection , while serving our communities.


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