Rest in peace Ngwenya, not all anti-poaching heroes are human!



Photo Credit: Ivan Carter / Facebook

Ngwenya was a highly successful anti-poaching canine who has crossed the rainbow bridge; her handler Lucky shared his final words, honouring her outstanding career.

South Africa (11 May 2020) – Ivan Carter, a wildlife conservationist, wants the world to know that not all heroes are human! Over the weekend he shared a post about the late Ngwenya, an anti-poaching dog that made a massive difference in her 10-years on Earth.

Lucky Ndlovu was Ngwenya’s handler and the pair took down a great number of poachers. Lucky was the recipient of a Game Ranger award by the non-profit organisation Tusk and Ngwenya got to meet Prince Harry, who visited her to find out more about her success. They were a formidable pair!

Lucky is heartbroken that Ngwenya has passed on, but he shared some final words for his hero, explaining how she changed many lives in her life, including changing perceptions.

“Rest in peace Ngwenya, you ran your race, you paved the way for other dogs to be recognized and valued in conservation.

In black communities the Name dog is associated with bad things but you proved the black community wrong in many ways, you were a Dog Ngwenya but a different dog to the one that a black community refers to
Hamba kahle qawe.

You are gone but your name will remain and remembered forever, rest in peace knowing that today we have got one of the big tuskers named after you.

Rest in peace Ngwenya – Your friend – Lucky.”

In honour of Ngwenya’s life and work, one of the very few last big tuskers has been named after her. A fitting tribute for a hero!

Rest in peace Ngwenya.

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