Fundraising for ICORP

When a team works hard togther, and they are comitted and dedicated, their focuss on wildlife protection and community developmnet, then fruits of their labour will be picked..and especially over the periods when poachers tend to be most active.. here a short part of a edited version of our Unit Commander daily Sitrep…a day in the life of a Counter paching Ranger..

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This has been a cool morning Apologies its been a busy time for the team over full moon. The team is out for an ambush …………………………………… Poachers are active so we have split into 3 teams to try cover all the Reserves. Most of the work is at night lately so ………………………………….
Poachers are lurcking, but hesitant and not being all over the place because we have stopped them, is a massive result… We aren’t finding as much spoor, incidents are next to nothing and we have the community wary so much so that they are convinced that the army is here.
We have been trying new ways of operating and different methods as we are still learning the area and communities, these things take time.
Karma is doing good, just very cold for her at night so I am only using her during the day.

We salute the ICORP Counter Poaching Unit. Lets keep these units Rangers effective

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