ICORP serves another blow to the illegal slaughter trade of wildlife


On a foot patrol on a Reserve ICORP assists with protection of wildlife by our Bravo Team, they hear a dog and a murmur of voices. Quickly reacting they use equipment at their disposal and determine that 4 poachers are walking carrying two large hindquarters.. the patrol lets them walk past, as they are on the external side of the Reserve. Our patrol moves in and lights them up….the poachers flee dropping their bounty.. it belongs to a Blue Wildebeest – also know as a Gnu – a cow.

La imagen puede contener: exterior

With reaction units on stand by, the area is quickly buzzing with support. Follow up operations are quickly in place.. and the tracks are taken back to establish where this beautiful animal was poached and gather very important Intel.

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas y exterior

On a neighbouring Reserve, not protected by ICORP, they find the place of slaughter.. she was chased into a thicket where snares had been laid.. where she was ripped to pieces by a pack of dogs and chopped to death by several blows by a machette..After counting 30 snares it is clear that this area had become the new killing fields..further operations are underway. I ask every so often that you assist ICORP Counter Poaching units so that they are able to remain effective.. I ask again today please folks.. the fight is real.. the illegal wildlife trade is alive.. animal killed in snares, body parts are landing up in wet markets in South Africa, apart from the far East and Asian countries..

These Rangers work in a high risk situation every day and night.

Our www.icorprotection.org is open for donations or use our PayPal.me/icorprotectionorg facility.

Any amount will be very welcome. The fuel alone on this operation costs was $250 …
Please donate. Its for all wildlife.

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