Marc Mcdonald

ICORP will continue to expand and invites you to become part of this legacy for wildlife and Flora protection.

Hard work, negotiations, inspecting properties, identifying areas that need protection, making sure communities are engaged and our Rangers receive all the gear and support they need. These areas have lost Rhino through criminal activities and or have sold their rhino as poaching has become an onslaught that overwhelmed these folks.

ICORP wants to see rhino and other species return and be re-established in these Reserves.

To do this poaching has to be totally removed, communities engaged and up skilled and developed to participate in conservation. Strong allies in this fight. Come, walk this awesome journey with ICORP for wildlife, Rangers and Communities’.

ICORP never stops.. we can’t. Not having the responsibility of making sure wildlife stays alive and protected.Karma is her weight in gold.. a happy hard working K9.

Our Rangers work at different times..2 am.. 4 am and no one knows when and where, when others are safely sleeping all tucked away, but this is the job of hard dedicated and committed Rangers. It’s slowly edging towards the time of the year when poachers want to make sure they have cash for the partying and drinking over the festive period.. we are going to make sure we cut that line clean off.

This is an urgent appeal. So for end Oct , November and Dec and giving Tuesadys please donate to a great organization on the front lines doing what they do best, because you have their backs. Covid 19 has been tough on everyone, but let our strong resolve come through.

Go to our website www.icorprotection.org and follow the donate promps or get a group fund from friends and please chip in on our PayPal.me/icorprotectionorg

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