When Government agencies and private Counter Poaching organizations work together for Fauna and Flora protection, and safety and security, there are great outcomes.

This was achieved between ICORP and their local SAPS group in the region where they operate. A joint roadblock was carried out on the 23/10 with specific emphasis on unlicenced firearms and any other evidence relating to poaching (wildlife crimes) or general crime.

A vehicle carrying 5 suspicious Bravo males was stopped. They seemed a little nervous when asked where they were traveling too, and no destination could be determined. On further inspection 6 domestic hunting dogs, that are used to run down wildlife, to be mutilated and then chopped to death or speared were squashed in the boot of the car. They were all confiscated and sent through to the SPCA.

After a further search several pairs of extra shoes were found. These were matched to the identity kits that the ICORP Unit produced on shoe tracks recorded and photographed over the last 3 months, of a gang that could not be cornered.

All other poaching paraphernalia was seized. Investigations still underway. Salute to our ICORP Unit and the SAPS officers involved.

Marc Mcdonald

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