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The ICORP Rangers at war…A war to save the Wildlife! Please Support and Donate, any amount will be very Welcome!

Via: www.icorprotection.org

– or via: PayPal.me/icorprotectionorg

International Coalition of Rhino Protection (not only rhinos) ICORP has included a well professional Counter Poaching Team of Rangers and a Team of trained Volunteers. Team Rangers on the beat is protecting Wildlife 24/7.

These Hero Rangers are working around the clock to make a difference. Far from their families. And they risk always their lifes in the war against poaching gangs. They are the only block between our beloved animals and the poaching gang devils.Recently ICORP is full surprised with a brand new Air Wing.

This shall gives ICORP much effective air patrols to fight the poachers, ‘Ranger eyes in the sky’. But there’s need money for to pay avGas to fill the tanks of the two planes. Also there’s need money for to pay the immense number of ground patrols, especially for to make the removing of 1.000+ deadly snares in a year possible. In day and night patrols and work.

ICORP also works together with Terra Conservation Initiative for to create a Female Counter Poaching Ranger Team. And for the training of this new Team also ICORP needs money.Please DONATE. Any amount will be very Welcome! It’s for all Wildlife! Your Donation will ensure that ICORP operations remain effectivily sustainable.

* Donate via PayPal:PayPal.me/icorprotectionorg

* Donate via other transfer:EIN / Tax number 82 1618781 U.S.A. 501c3ABN 86 869 838 535 AustraliaSA NPO No: N221-788 Reg: 19/043089/08

The ICORP website:

– HOME:https://icorprotection.org

– COUNTER POACHING TRAINING:https://icorprotection.org/counter-poaching-training



ICORP PARTNERShttps://icorprotection.org/icorp-partners

ICORP STOREhttps://icorprotection.org/merchandise

– BLOG:OUR PROJECTShttps://icorprotection.org/our-projects

ABOUT US:MARC MCDONALD. ICORP’S FOUNDERhttps://icorprotection.org/the-founder-of-icorp

MEET THE ICORP TEAMhttps://icorprotection.org/who-we-are

WHAT WE DOhttps://icorprotection.org/what-we-do

– CONTACT US:https://icorprotection.org/contact-us

– OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE STORE:http://icorp.merchgroup.com.au

On the ICORP Facebook page is much more to read and to see!!

– ICORP FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/ICORPrhino

– ICORP on INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/icorp.official

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