Cameroon – 270 poachers “neutralized” in past 3 years

Yannick A. Kenne,

See link for photo. 

Poaching remains a gangrene for Cameroonian flora and fauna, which have never ceased to suffer the horrors of this illegal activity. According to a report just unveiled by the regional committee for the fight against poaching in the North region, and whose data were published in the weekly “Cameroon Business Today ” on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 270 poachers were neutralized in this northern region for the past three years.

Said report drawn up by the technical and financial partners of the regional anti-poaching committee, in particular the EcoNorcam, Wcs / Fw projects, also reveals that over the last three years, 119 weapons have been seized, precisely 22 manufactured weapons and 97 locally manufactured weapons, which poachers used to commit their crimes. 162 shepherds were captured in protected areas, 50 fishermen were arrested, as well as 83 illegal miners.

We also learn that over the past ten years, traffickers in flora and fauna have caused the death of 30 people, including 15 civil servants, and 15 local agents employed by farmers in areas of hunting interest.

To strengthen the fight against this phenomenon, the regional anti-poaching committee for the North recommends in its 2022 action plan, to strengthen the synergy of actions between the stakeholders involved in the management of the Bouba-Ndjida parks, Benoué and Faro; to operationalize the inter-force intelligence chain at the regional level to facilitate the circulation of information in the major centers of poaching.

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