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Study: Snares claim another local extinction as Cambodia loses its leopards

by Sean Mowbray Years of law enforcement to tackle rampant snaring and poaching have failed to halt the loss of Cambodia’s last remaining Indochinese leopard population, according to a recent study. The researchers believe that while a few individual Indochinese leopards (Panthera pardus delacouri) may still linger in Cambodia’s forests, the country no longer has a viable…

In north Bangladesh, human-elephant conflicts signal need for greater protection

by Abu Siddique  For the last couple of decades, Bangladesh has been taking on several projects with an aim to protect the wild Asian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus), which is critically endangered in the country. However, the conflict between humans and the wild pachyderms, consisting of both migratory and resident population, is yet to be controlled. An example…

Woodpeckers for fire recovery? A new online tool tells you how

by Abhishyant Kidangoor Imagine a burned forest in California. The charred remains of trees, the soot on the forest floor and the smoke in the air might make it seem like all is lost. Far from it. While fires negatively affect many species of animals, they also spawn new and complicated ecosystems with rich biodiversity. In…