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Across the tropics, mammal activity doesn’t vary much, study shows

By Liz Kimbrough  When do weasels sleep? Where do the wild pigs roam? And do jaguars keep their prey up at night? A new study published in the journal Nature Communications examines when and why mammals eat, sleep and move about, using 2.3 million camera trap photos from the Neotropics, Afrotropics, and Indo-Malayan tropics. The team found surprisingly…

Mexico dismantles illegal fishing cartels killing off rare vaquita porpoise

by Maxwell Radwin MEXICO CITY, MEXICO — Some of the country’s most ambitious and successful wildlife traffickers are now in jail, officials announced. Mexico’s navy confirmed in a press conference that members of cartels dedicated to the trafficking of totoaba have been arrested and put in prison, effectively dismantling some of the main organized crime groups contributing to…

Top mangrove news of 2022

By Morgan Erickson-Davis  Not quite aquatic but not fully terrestrial, mangrove forests are uniquely adapted to inhabit the interface between land and sea in the warmer parts of the world. Compared to the vast boreal forests of the north and inland rainforests of the tropics, mangroves are tiny, perched mostly in thin strips along intertidal zones.…